San Francisco-based mobile merchant platform, CardFree has launched Checkout, a payment processing service for restaurants that supports multiple payment wallets.

Checkout was designed to be independent of CardFree’s core set of payment solutions and can be incorporated into any third-party app or website regardless of the payment processing system, digital ordering provider or POS that a restaurant is using. The new all-in-one platform for restaurants can support payments from a variety of digital wallets including Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Venmo and more.

“Oftentimes restaurant operators feel that they are locked into the payment interface provided by their ordering platform provider or POS vendor, so, like all CardFree products, Checkout is another weapon in our arsenal that gives restaurants freedom and flexibility,” said Jon Squire founder and CEO of CardFree. “Our fundamental belief is that our partners’ success is our success and this is another tool to help drive transactions and ease consumer adoption with almost no incremental technological lift.”

The new payment feature can also leverage CardFree’s Universal Payment Layer, a system providing a single API to optimize delivery, order-ahead, in-store ordering, text-to-pay, or tableside payments while giving restaurants views into analytics on customer behaviors across channels.

Checkout also offers built-in protection such as pre-transaction fraud identification and 3D-Secure authentication to shift chargeback liability to the issuing bank.

CardFree Checkout is a comprehensive suite of payment options that cut across credit, debit, digital wallets, and gift cards. In recent years, CardFree debuted a series of payment solutions such as the Text-to-Pay, Pay@Table and Order@Table, which allows users to add items to their tabs and pay via their mobile devices.