DoorDash has unveiled DoubleDash, new functionality that allows customers to order from multiple restaurants or retailers in a single order with no additional delivery fee or minimum order sizes, removing a major barrier for the largest U.S. delivery provider to continue growing beyond single-ticket restaurant orders.

In announcing DoubleDash, the San Francisco-based company said its vision “has always been to deliver all the best of your neighborhood right to your doorstep, from restaurants to convenience, grocer, retail, pet supplies and more. We are now excited to take it one step further by allowing you to shop across multiple stores and categories, all in a single order.”

If ordering from multiple establishments, both orders will arrive together from the same driver. DoubleDash is currently available with 7-Eleven, Walgreens, Wawa, QuickChek, The Ice Cream Shop and DashMart, a DoorDash-owned store that sells convenience and grocery items. The press release announcing the news included a disclaimer that some deliveries may arrive separately.

In select markets, the company is also piloting DoubleDash with local restaurants where customers will have the option of adding complementary items from nearby local restaurants to their initial meal orders. DoubleDash will also be coming to the Canadian market at an unspecified time.

How DoubleDash Works

  • Place your restaurant order on DoorDash and after checkout, look for the DoubleDash option on the map to add items from nearby stores.
  • From the store page, select drinks, snacks, and any other items you want. Add them to your cart and check out with no additional delivery fees or minimum order size.
  • From there, your Dasher receives both orders and will deliver them together.

DoorDash says DoubleDash will allow its merchants to reach new customers online who are “eager to discover and try new offerings that complement their meal.

As instant-grocery providers like Jokr and Gorillas quickly expand their geographic reach, as well as their product offerings outside of just groceries, it’s natural that DoorDash and other third-party providers will quickly move to expand their offerings, even though they have been moving beyond restaurant meals for several years.

In addition, ghost kitchens allowing multiple cuisine types on a single ticket have proven to be popular with customers, especially parents wary of the ever-present veto vote—so DoubleDash will likely catch on if customers realize this new option is available.


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