Two of the biggest names in the customer experience and retention categories—Tattle and Thanx—have teamed up through a new partnership that will make it easier for restaurants to issue rewards, recover guests and communicate with customers based on their individual feedback, with claims of elevating the guest experience and driving sales.

“Tattle plus Thanx” combines Tattle’s ability to track detailed customer feedback across all ordering channels using an open-API with Thanx’s proprietary credit card integrations which capture in-store and digital purchases. The Thanx solution takes Tattle’s functionalities further than previous integrations, augmenting Tattle’s feedback data with Thanx’s behavior data to create custom segments and personalized promotions.

Now, through this partnership, restaurants that take advantage of the integration with Thanx can contextualize feedback, and more easily take action to drive guest loyalty based on a richer view of their customers.

Starbird Chicken, one of the fastest-growing chicken concepts in the country, is already seeing dividends from the partnership.

“The Tattle and Thanx integration has been transformational for our brand” said Casey Hilder, marketing manager at Starbird Chicken. “In the past, we had very little visibility and measurement into the various ordering channels of our guests. Now, with each guest transaction through Thanx, Tattle triggers a post-transaction survey email equipped with transaction details, which has allowed our team to measure the guest satisfaction of each ordering channel and identify and improve high-impact areas across our locations.”

“With guest transactions today more evenly distributed across ordering channels than ever before, the measurement of the guest experience has now become paramount for operators to deliver joy to guests,” said Alex Beltrani, Tattle founder and CEO. “Based on over 80 million data points collected in 2021, delivery and takeout experience has shown to deliver a 20 percent lower guest satisfaction score compared to its dine-in counterpart, and dine-in showing a 7 percent decline in guest satisfaction since January 2021. Without on- and [off-premises] measurement, restaurants may miss the opportunity for both operational improvement and guest recovery, both of which are key contributors to ROI.”